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Sell Online on Flipkart easy

Selling online on Flipkart is Easy & Rewarding


Flipkart is among one of India’s Leading Marketplace. They are open to new sellers and getting started on Flipkart is simple and easy. 

Link to Flipkart Seller Portal – https://seller.flipkart.com

vat certificate pancard selling online

Selling On Flipkart Requires the Following

  1. VAT (Value added Tax) Registered Number
  2. Pan Card 
  3. Indian Bank Account in any Private or Public Sector Bank
  4. Minimum 10 Unique Items to sell


Once you Have all These Documents Ready you can Register Your seller account on Flipkart and Start Selling.

Require Help ?? SMS ‘SELL <email ID>’ to 56677 or Email Flipkart at : sell@flipkart.com

Sellon India's In Depth Analysis & Tips for Successful Selling on Flipkart

Registration Process

Registration process on Flipkart is simple and takes just a few minutes. You just need to be ready with 3 essential Documents both Hard Copy and Soft Copy. A Valid Pancard, VAT Registration number and An Indian Bank Account.

Once Registered – One thing you are likely to be Stuck is Brand Registration Process. Flipkart Requires this for you to start listings Products.

:: Solution ::

  1.  A Trademark Certificate works Best
  2. If you have applied for a trademark – even the application letter will work
  3. If neither is available – A Brand authorization letter on your company letter will also be acceptable by Flipkart in most Cases

Product Listing & Images

Flipkart Offers 2 ways to List your products –

1.) By Excel CSV files – Bit difficult to use for the first time. Be patient and give it 1 hour and you will be more comfortable.

2.) Online Listings – Flipkart has online listings tool which allows to list products at real time – though it is time consuming as only one product can be listed at a time.

Once your product is listed – Flipkart will approve the listings – Normally takes 12-24 hours and then you are ready to sell.

** Flipkart has a mandatory requirement for all images to have a white Background and minimum size of image should be 500px 

Products to Sell & Profitability

Which Products you can sell on Flipkart ?

Anything new can be sold on flipkart. Flipkart does not allow you to sell second hand or used products. You can Sell electronics, footwear, apparels, Jewellery, Home decor, bath essentials, etc

The Profit Formulae 

  1. Product should be unique or if its a common product it should be competitively priced.
  2. You should be serious about your online business and must adhere to timelines to sustain and gain in the long run.
  3. Good images & Accurate descriptive listings will gain you better sales.
  4. Participate in Flipkart promotions and offer your own, to generate additional sales.
  5. Flipkart adds is also a great but expensive way to gain more visitors to your listings.

Returns are a major disturbing factor in the new online Indian audience, as new buyers experimenting are more likely to return goods. Though you should take it as a part of business and in the long run the returns are bound to decrease as the Indian online buyer becomes more adaptable to online shopping.

Sellon India : Flipkart Selling Feasibility Analysis

Ease Of Registration 90%
Seller Support & Help 95%
Ease of Listing Products 95%
Returns & Profitability 70%

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